/the gateway


you've met May, let her introduce you to her world

Material- Reflective Vinyl, Matte Finish

Size- 5.5 x 8.25 inches

when I first shared May, she was sitting in my hand as if I were presenting her to our world for the first time.

It was a numbing experience to share May and her story, but you all embraced her, some even extending that reach towards me... it really became something beautiful, and to be proud of.

But what didn't sit right with me was that most of the work I shared, was just May. Not even once showing the world I had built for her. Sure I had talked about her world, what she means/stands for, but those are only words. 

So as I begin to slowly capture what that looks like, I wanted to start at the beginning, at May's Gateway. 

this is the entrance I find myself at when I fall. I've carved into it's pillars the pain i face upon each visit and the acceptance I achieve upon each departure. beyond i am greeted by May, always in her traditional attire to celebrate our first day reunited. a single eye sits a top the entrance, the same we see pinned in her hair. her kimono decorated as if it were a map, and flowers used to indicate hazards along the way. everything in preparation for my arrival.

it still feels strange to talk like this. I mean, I'm fully self aware I have made this as a way to work through my own emotions. but it really has become something beautiful, and almost beyond me... we will see though

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