/when will my order arrive- generally speaking, once an order is placed, please anticipate a wait time of 6-8 weeks while the goods are being produced. this wait time is a result of limited production runs and to reduce waste from overstock. on rare occasions there is an existing stock of products which will result in a 3-4 day turn around.

/items missing from my order- if you receive your package and are missing an item or items, please reach out to “strayvanity.us@gmail.com” or @strayvanity on instagram and we will proceed to resolve the issue there. in most cases, you will either be sent another order, or refunded the missing items.

/returns and exchanges- you can return your package so long as the product is in the condition it was received, or has been damaged during shipping. returns are not accepted after 7 days of receiving the order. exchanges are accepted however the exchange you request may not be able to be fulfilled resulting in a return and refund of the item.


/change of address- due to the longer wait times of orders, it is common for customers to move and change address before their order is shipped. if you have moved and your order has not been shipped yet, please contact me so i can update your shipping information.


/issues with a delivery- contact “strayvanity.us@gmail.com” or @strayvanity on instagram for further assistance.