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Meet May-

May was born the Overseer of an empty world.

There are no days in this realm, just perpetual darkness. Most days are silent and spent alone, but as she grows older, so does the world around her. Demons of all kinds begin to move in, some almost looking just like humans. They build their permanent homes here as they tell stories on repeat. Never changing the contents or the characters in their stories, only serving as records of events. So May sits, and listens. She hears stories of regret and misfortune, but most of them tell stories of experiences only one could have in another life. She learns they speak of a boy, who generally is very happy, but weak.

On the darkest days, this boy finds himself with May. Scared and alone, May guides him through this world constructed of his life. Teaching him along the way to not fear the demons that hide in the dark. But instead to embrace them. This is no easy task for the boy. And little by little, May works with the boy to one day guide him back home, and smile again.

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