limited /may character sheet


Material- Canvas Print, Wooden Frame

Canvas Size- 9 x 12 inches

Frame Size- 10.55 x 13.25 inches

This was never meant to be a "product". It was just something I wanted to make for myself. In a way, a celebratory gift for the launch of "EXALTE" and my new character May. At the time I didn't anticipate the impact this project would have on my community, especially in such a positive way, but for me, this was my proudest work, and I wanted something extraordinarily nice to remember that with. So I had one of my vendors put together this canvas print of the character sheet I created for May. Then had it dressed in an all black wooden frame to really make her pop...

I absolutely love this project and this piece in particular. And well, so did you all. So as I've learned the impact she has had on some of your lives, I thought it would only be fair to be a little less selfish, and open up an opportunity for you all to have something I hold so dear.

Thank you guys, always for the love and support.

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