In my designs I like to capture a moment. If possible, tell a story.

By now you should all know of the famous 2016 Anime Expo "Trap Kuroneko". The cosplayer is actually a friend of mine and we can not believe how popular and hilarious his cosplay has become. While we were all hanging out with our friends we started joking around about making a decal to commemorate it. I said, "You know what, Ill do it tonight." And sure enough, here it is!

To capture his golden moment, I have Kuroneko bending over and pulling up her dress. She is also saying the revealing line, "You're welcome bro". I have to give credit to the cosplayer Tsuki Ao and the videoagrapher Devyn Bandonillo for making this go viral. We are all still shocked at how big this trap has become.

Size: 5.5x5

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