Free Mystery Amulet (Summoning Tag) with purchase!

Back in 2017, my girlfriend introduced me to the Beta of a (new to the US) mobile game by the name of Onmyoji. This MMO-RTS is not like any other I have played, especially for a mobile game. The game focuses around Japanese folklore with a huge emphasis on collecting and building your own personal team to fight in PVE and PVP. The game has since had a US release and is consistently being updated with new Shikigami to collect and build into unique teams.

During the Beta, I loved using the Shikigami named Kingyo. She is a support class shikigami that has an allied fish which she can send out and absorb all incoming attacks. With that power being so fun, I built my entire team around her. However when the game first launched, Kingyo had not yet been added. Only a month or so ago was she added and I fell back in love with her especially with the new skin. So to celebrate her return, I drew Kingyo in her new skin with the phrase, "World Domination" as she legitimately wants to take over the world with her friends.

I plan to do more Onmyoji decals like this in the future!

Kingyo Size- 5.8in x 4.5in

Mystery Amulet- 8.5in x 2.75in

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