This one is fun and special

For Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale, the first SAO Movie, I wanted to make a sticker to hand out to the movie goers. This turned into me creating an event page on facebook and having so many old and new friends joining me to watch the movie. It was an amazing movie night and I hope that everyone who came that wanted to get the special version of this decal was able to do so.

I designed this without knowing anything about the character of Yuuna/Yuna but I am so glad I did. Please watch the movie to learn about her character as she has so much importance to the story. When researching her design I found that she was an Idol and the device on her hips was a mic of sorts. I wanted this design to have her pointing that mic to us. A way of an invite to join her just like I invited my friends to see the movie.

Thank you again to everyone who joined us for such a great movie.

Size: 5 x 5.45

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