In my designs I like to capture a moment. If possible, tell a story.

Keijo is a strange one. Its a new show for this Fall's seasonal anime about... butt battles. Girls fighting each other with their butts (for the most part). The show is very much self aware much like One Punch Man and really knows how to make a fun and comedic fight scene. With its harsh lines and busty women, my buddy Brian of "iiiiClothing" also known as "Four Eyes" came together to create this fun design. We both were able to showcase our unique styles of illustration to make what I believe is a cute die cut.

We designed the die cut after only seeing the first episode. We had a pretty good idea the direction of the show and how we wanted to show ourselves off. So we each chose to design a girl and bring them together rather then fighting each other. Brian designed Miyata(left) while I designed Nozomi(right). With this being my first collaboration, I couldn't have seen it come together any better. Thank you for the fun project and being so easy to work with!

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Size: 4 x 5

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