Welcome to Sunny California! The home of the Sunset Sprint. We have a lovely weekend of events planned out for you with some amazing machines taking to the streets. It's a demanding 8.2 mile sprint up and down Sunset Blvd but only the brave will come out on top. With the help of this years sponsors, we have a beautiful 2.5ft tall Trophy just waiting to have your name engraved on it. So, who is up for the task?

Unfortunately, this is not a real event, but I wish it were. After living with my roommates for the past few months, I have come to love Sunset Blvd. With James (@the_kawaiigt) showing me the "rules of the road" it really became an exhilarating drive. I wanted this design to capture aspects of my life and the things I love most. My family and friends are things I could never do with out, and so many memories with them are often tied with some sort of racing. My Mother is a Marathon runner and my Father, a huge racing fan took me to the Long Beach Grand Prix (LBGP) every year. Growing up around the Grand Prix had a much larger impact on my life then I ever imagined. I design cars to look like Race Cars now, something I've always wanted to do since being a kid. So to pay a little respect to the LBGP, I borrowed the design philosophy from old posters advertising the event. I wanted this design to feel like a real piece of history, a part of an amazing event I had the chance to experience every year.

The design features a Kart/Champ/Indy car in the center driving down the last stretch of Sunset Blvd. The mountains in the distance are actually shaped by the path of the real Sunset Blvd. All this is flanked by Stray and Vanity to celebrate at the finish line.

DTG Print on Cotton Heritage

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