In my designs I like to capture a moment. If possible, tell a story.

This was the special one time print for the Kyokai No Kanata (Beyond the Boundary) Kuriyama Mirai Itasha. I always want to help share the love of itasha by making these one off versions of the design.

When Alex Archer came to me with the design ideas of her car, She wanted Mirai to be cute and expressive, something she isnt know for really. But because itasha are fun and extremely expressive, we played with her character a bit to make it so. Alex also really loved that her catch phrase was "So Unpleasant" so we implemented that into the design. For the slap I have the japanese word for unpleasant, "fuyukai". This was one of the more major projects I have worked on and it was such a fun challenge to take on. It was a big challenge in terms of making myself happy with the design. I always feel like there is more I can do and because of that, we have this amazing design for her Mazda 3.

Thank you Alex and enjoy your new itasha!

Size: 8.25in x 2.75in

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