In my designs I like to capture a moment. If possible, tell a story.

Satan Hellway Patrol

"Shinigami, you are not welcome here, prepare for a most righteous ceremony."

(Side Note)- When illustrating this design I was watching a lot of Bob Ross. I really enjoyed his soft tone and how he had so much fun painting. But what really struck out the me the most was how religious he was and how he implemented that into his personality. "Beat the Devil out of it," is a classic quote of his and that resonated with me while working on this project. So, thank you Bob for the indirect inspiration. 

Shinigami is the god of death. He leads humans down the highway to hell or in this case, the Hellway. There is only one girl I know who actually patrols that Hellway and "beats the Devil out of it." She is known as T-Doll M870 from Girls Frontline. M870 once patrolled the highways to keep humans safe but because she did such a poor job, she was removed from service leading her to create her own patrol unit, Satan Hellway Patrol. Whether or not she patrols the Hellway for the safety off humans or demons is up for debate but I like to think M870 is there to protect us from demons entering our world.

For this design I wanted to give the feeling of a subtle demon invasion. While M870 is relaxing on the beach, Shinigami has been working hard and has began his trip up the Hellway. This is why we see the red Japanese for Shinigami overlapping aspects of this design. I also love how iconic Route 66 is in the United States, so I thought it would be fun if I made the Hellway, Route 666. You may have noticed all the stars in this design have been flipped upside down. This was just a fun trait I noticed about M870 so I did the same all over this design. The quote at the top of the back design is what I think M870 would say when she encounters these demons on Route 666. It might also mean something a bit fun as well but that's up for you to decide!


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