This is not my normal description for a decal. This is mainly due to the film not being in theaters until August 26th.

"Your Name" by Makoto Shinkai is a beautiful animated film. I had the privilege of attending the World Premiere of the film on July 3rd at Anime Expo. I had not seen any of his previous work so I went into this blind. All I knew was that the film featured the character designer behind Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day, which has been a favorite of mine. I was not prepared to be presented with such a lovely piece of art, inspiring music by the Radwimps and story telling. It was finished only 4 days before and I can't believe they pulled this off. Although the movie doesn't come out until August 26th (most people won't understand this design) I felt compelled to design the character Mitsuha. I urge you all to see the film when it is available through Fununation. I know I will now be following the work of Makoto Shinkai and his team. Thank you for your hard work and talented team.

Size: 6in x 3.6in

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