In my designs I like to capture a moment. If possible, tell a story.

With the new Season of Anime just starting I wanted to bring you all a something brand new. With my excitement I happened upon Emilia/Satella from Re: Zero, Starting Life in Another World. Emilia has such a kind spirit with such a lovely design that I couldn't pass her by. While the design was made only after the first episode, it was difficult to capture an exact moment from the show for a design. Instead, I have decided to showcase her character design and personality.

To capture this, I have brought Emilia and Puck (her assistant of sorts) together. Emilia is displaying her curves, garments and playful attitude while Puck is found resting on her behind. The Japanese below reads "Zero", a common theme through the series as our main character finds himself staring over with nothing, at "zero". Below that reads "Choose Your Opportunity", another common theme as one wrong move changes an entire series of events.

I highly recommend you keep an eye on this Series. Expect more from Re: Zero in future releases!

Size: 6x3

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