Due to all the CHP harassment I've personally been having as well as the community in general, I wanted to make a decal that kinda poked fun at CHP.

In this design we have the T-Doll M870 from Girls Frontline. I fell in love with character design and her story as she patrols the Highway to Hell. She was originally a Highway Patrol Officer (much like the Officers pulling me over) but, as she was so bad at her job, she was removed from service. This led M870 to start her own Highway Patrol named Satan Hellway Patrol. I like to think that because of this profession change, she turned a bit demonic which makes her look the way she does now. So, with M870 being a Patrol Officer, I thought it was appropriate that she would ask that we don't race in her streets. I also tend to drive very safely so maybe this decal will stop people from trying to race me on the way home.

Size: 4in x 4.25

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