In my designs I like to capture a moment. If possible, tell a story.

Kiznaiver is another brand new anime from this spring season. With its large cast of characters with diverse personalities there is one that jumps out the most. Nico, the fairy loving, flamboyant girl that wants all eyes on her did exactly that. It’s the trend of the innocent girl still figuring out her feelings that keeps me designing these types of characters. I won’t say much about the story as I urge you all to view it for yourselves but, expect some serious issues to arise and emotions to run wild with extra tampering.

As Nico wants all eyes on her, making a slap with her in mind was fun. So many of us who put these decals on our cars are just screaming for attention. My hope is that when others are looking at your car, this decal “catches them looking”. I feel we all have a little bit of Nico in us as we like and sometimes crave that attention. Keep striving to impress and express.

Were you looking at me?

Size: 2.75x8.5

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