Sometimes you need something more then stickers or apparel to show your fandom for something. This is why SagaRising and I have come together to bring you our first Deck design. Be sure to check out SagaRising at:

The idea for the design came from the nature of how this deck design came about. SagaRising and I wanted to keep it pretty hush hush and had plans to only make a batch of 25, 15 of which we would sell. So because of that, I have designed "Stray" (my mascot) as a Neko girl gesturing to keep quiet. The Japanese around Stray means "doki" which is a sound effect for the beating of a heart. This was placed for a bit of a sexy feel as well as the anticipation and excitement for the project as a whole.

Deck Details-

California Made / Canadian Hard Wood / 7 Ply / 8.5 X 32.25

Price Details- 

The reason for this price is because of the low quantity of decks made. Each one cost us more then it normally would have and shipping out of house to each customer is a very expensive en-devour. This is why the shipping is "free" as it is build into the price of the deck. I hope you guys can respect the price we are asking for these one of a kind decks.

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