In my designs I like to capture a moment. If possible, tell a story.

I wanted to focus on a particular scene in Goblin Slayer, an anime that has just started airing its anime adaptation of the manga/light novel. In the first episode of the anime and first chapter of the manga, we are thrown into an extremely grim scenario with four adventurers. For all of them, this is their first adventure and with the promise of their upbringing, they decide to take on a Goblin Slaying quest. We are led to believe this will be a simple and quick job. We learn about each adventurer and it is obvious they are prodigy children from a great family and have a very bright future. However they are overzealous and nearly all of them are left in a panic and slaughtered.

Goblin Slayer is not the kind of story to hold your hand. It lays out a very basic truth about being prepared and taking on tasks you can succeed at. I really found some resonance in that which let me to create this illustration. I wanted to portray the grim nature of the show and the feeling of being alone despite doing all you can in your power to be there for others. This is why we see the Priestess left standing while the silhouettes behind her have been crossed out. She will forever be haunted by those tragedies, but finds a reason to push on and ensure this will never happen again.

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