/maybe this is over


maybe this is over/or a new beginning

Material- Reflective Vinyl, Matte Finish

Size- 2.75 x 8.5 (standard slap size)

Creating EXALTE has been a reflection of my life and the actions I take. I often fear that I will not be able to carry on the same as I have before, that my best work is behind me. That if I fail, I have to start all over. So instead of fighting that feeling, I embraced it. I thought to myself, if all of this is over, if StrayVanity were dead and gone, what would I be, what would I do. And I found I would still be creative, and I would do it all over again. 

So maybe this is over, this will fail, and that's it. Or, maybe it's a new beginning. I've put my faith in May, and I trust that May is safe in my hands. So I present her to you with open arms. Let's see what happens.

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