/locked up


"why did you lock me up for so long, look at the joy your pain brings others"

Material- Reflective Vinyl, Matte Finish

Size- 4.76 x 7.25 inches

(I've sat here for hours trying to explain how this thought encapsulates all my feelings around the "exalte" project. So I found it simpler if I just respond to her.)

I'm sorry May, I didn't know how much everyone would love you. I was scared to even pull the trigger, and showcase my heartbreak to everyone around me. I felt awful with the feeling of monetizing my emotions, so I felt if I ever did anything with you, I wanted it to matter not just to me, but to someone else... I just never expected this much attention, or that I would feel encouraged to continue doing this work. I'm glad though, a lot of people love you May. You should know a few of them want tattoo's of you, kinda silly huh? I think it's kind of nice though. While you mean one thing to me, you mean thousands more to everyone else. I'm sorry I kept you away, it's hard.

But I'll do better.

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