Recently I started a Book Club on my instagram @strayvanity and the first manga we are reading is, "How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend." I had the collection of manga for a while but just never found the time to read it so this is my way of an excuse to read manga for "work" hahah. Anyways, I was originally attracted to the manga and anime because of the character designs but I was not ready for what was in store. While we are all still reading it at the time I am writing this, the amount of emotion on those pages is really inspiring. I never expected to be 100% relating to the problems of these characters. For those who are creators and struggle to find passion in their work. Read this Manga.

The character that stands out to me the most however is Kato. She is truly a boring character but that's what makes her so endearing. It may appear like she is being "rail roaded" by the other characters but she truly wants to support what everyone does and she accepts everyone without any questioning. That's not to say she agrees with everyone but she will voice her opinion with out concern of hurting others feelings. She speaks her mind and is an honest person. I really appreciate Kato so here is a sticker where she can support us wherever we go.

Size: 4.1in x 4.3in

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