/jesters judgement patch


appease the King, and you may cast your judgement onto others.


PVC Rubber, hook velcro backing

Size- 2.5 x 2.5 inches

This patch features the /jester design screen printed and debossed onto black semi-gloss faux leather. Each patch is stitched with hook velcro backing for easy installation onto tactical gear, or even some automotive interior carpeting/trunk bed lining.

This design has a bit more back story than I care to admit. However, when building the world and lore for May, I wanted people to see myself in her as this character who is lost. Who doesn't know why they are here, why they exists, or what made them so important to become "exalted" by others. Now, to be exalted means to be held to a higher status, something I don't personally believe. So for this particular design, I drew May how I see myself.

A Jester. Someone chosen by the King, who at first glance, holds no power. Who watches the King rule over others and who blindly sits by supporting their actions. All to not upset their ruler and balance to the world. The misconception is, the Jester holds the same amount of power as the King. And if they are wise enough, can persuade the King and sway power away from him. Thus the Exalted, has now become the Exalter, one who can control the world around them.

I don't think I am either "Exalted", or the "Exalter". But what I hope to get across is that, no matter what position you think you are in, you can find a way out of it and be in control of your own fate.

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