In my designs I like to capture a moment. If possible, tell a story.

In the new Nintendo 3DS game, "Fire Emblem Fates" you find yourself in a fantasy world stuck between two main choices. Fight alongside your Family to fight against your Friends, or fight alongside you Friends to fight against your Family. This is a huge decision to make and is very emotional for both the Friends and Family of the character you play. Sakura, the girl designed in the decal is the players younger sister. She is very fragile and emotional and in this moment on the verge of breaking down. When the player chooses to side with their Family, I imagine Sakura as designed.

To capture this emotional moment, I have Sakura reaching out the the player to be lifted back on her feet. Sakura is a character that looks up to the player and is highly impressionable. Seeing this smile and the relief puts a nice cap on top of the entire events that just occurred. I like to think this makes the player feel they have made the right decision.

I love the Fire Emblem games and highly recommend that you play them given the opportunity. If not, at least look at the character designs. They are perfect.

Size: 5.5x4.5

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