This is the GATE Rory Mercury Key-chain and decal!

Making a key-chain design was something I had always wanted to do after purchasing so many my self. They are so small and durable, you can link them onto so many things it awesome. So of course when making my own I had to choose a favorite character of mine from when I first started really getting into anime. And that character is Rory Mercury from Gate.

I wanted this design to be cute and suggestive at the same time to capture the kind of character Rory is. She seems to always be pushing herself onto our MC Itama and that just made her such a fun character to watch. She is also incredibly bad ass when it comes to battle. All around, just a great character to watch if you are about to indulge in some GATE.

Decal Size: 6.15 x 3.25
Key Chain Size: 2.5 x 2.25

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