In my designs I like to capture a moment. If possible, tell a story.

Re: Zero, it was the anime to watch this year. Everyone around me was talking about this series. Each Sunday I could expect to hear from my friends as we would watch it together over skype. This show is the reason why I have some new and great friends. I want to remember this fantastic series and the excitement that surrounded it. In doing so, I made these designs all surrounding the series.

Felix or Felis or Ferris, which ever you choose to call him is one of the best traps of this year. Yeah, that’s right, somehow Felix is a guy that of course looks like a Neko Girl. That aside, Felix is a fantastic character that brings so much humor and seriousness (when needed) to the series. While Felix is always doing his best to be cute, so I wanted to capture that side of him the most. In this design I thought I’d play off the joke of Felix being a trap. This also is a play off the fact that most of us that stick anime on our cars are guys. So I can only imagine what the other drivers think when they see us behind the wheel of an itasha or a car with slaps on it.

Size: 4 x 4

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