(This design was meant to be free. However due to customers abusing the $0.01 price and ordering my entire stock, I have decided change the price to deter those customers. I apologize for those of you who did honestly order 1 of this design.)

The Battery Switch decal to ease all stress

The idea of the Battery Switch decal is actually found in Motorsport Racing. This sticker is placed by the Batter Switch to indicate the location of the kill switch. This is done in case of a racing accident where a driver is knocked unconscious and can not shut the vehicle off himself. The corner crew will then look for that decal and shut off the vehicle.

Watching Super GT Racing and following Good Smile Racing made me crave for a Racing Miku decal. I figured this was a cute way to first introduce their 2016 Miku to my store for those of you who enjoy racing and may have a track car of your own.

Size: 4x4.7

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