"first signs of life"

Material- Reflective Vinyl, Matte Finish

Size- 2.75 x 3.8 inches

May was born into the world she oversees, taking care of the things that found their way inside, but I've never shown you what that looked like, or how young May was when this all began for her.

I always wanted to illustrate May during what would be the "early days" of the world built for her. And while it wasn't as scary then, it still had a few visitors that she could meet with. I absolutely love the almost sailor school outfit for her, I think it is very fitting and falls in line with her other school attire later in life.

I don't want to build too much lore just yet for this little bird (so I don't lock myself into something) but I will say this much. Every visitor in the gateway has a purpose, a lesson to teach May as she continues navigating the world.

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