/somewhere only we know


so why dont we go, somewhere only we know.

Material- 80% Cotton 20% Polyester

Print Size- 12.6 x 18.25 inches

More often than not, my illustrations are inspired by music and the sentiments they carry. I've always found "Keane's" "Somewhere only we know" to be very calming, even comforting. And when I think about the EXALTE project, there a few things I find that line up with the lyrics that build its story.

For instance, the song seems to write from opposing perspectives. One of which is someone longing to be found. While the other is someone reaching out to the lost. Often times though, sounding as though those two perspectives are coming from a single person, talking with themselves to understand where they went wrong, and how they can recover. And I think that beautifully simplifies the concept behind May (my inner voice).

Its no secret since beginning this project I've felt lost and have used May to visualize or interpret my emotions. And though the worst days are behind me, and I find I don't "need" her as much as I did, I like to think she is still there waiting for my return. Watching lovingly for afar, until the day I need to return to a place, somewhere only we know.

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