In my designs I like to capture a moment. If possible, tell a story

With the end of Nisekoi upon us, I felt the need to bring the characters I've just recently learned to love, to life. The story of Nisekoi has our MC Raku Ichijou caught between falling in love with a number of girls. With the serie's two main girls, Onodera (brown hair) and Chitoge (Blondle), I just had to put them together. I knew with this design I couldn't pick sides and had to try my best to make everyone happy. With that all in mind, I went to work with my sketch that eventually became my most extravagant and detailed design yet.

To capture this all, I have Onodera and Chitoge coming together to make a heart with their hands. I thought it would be fun to put them in Musical Girl outfits as well to make the design prettier to look at. Being able to please both "Team Onodera" and "Team Chitoge" was a challenge. For "Team Chitoge", fans will be happy as she takes up most of the design and is standing in front of Onodera. Also representing her big and loud personality. For "Team Onodera" fans will appreciate that the heart created with their hands is placed over Onodera, representing that she may be the true love. She also is looking cuter and more innocent than Chitoge which is also part of Onodera's personality. I hope this is enough to make both teams happy and will be able to spark some debate when people see it.

If this series interests you, I highly recommend you start with the Manga. The Anime is a lot of fun but Season 2 does no justice and leaves off feeling empty. There is just so much story to tell from where the anime leaves off.

Size: 3.5x8.5

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