In my designs I like to capture a moment. If possible, tell a story.

Throughout the Series of Erased, our Hero Satoru is faced with challenges that are far beyond his control. Only because of the people in his life was he able to achieve his goal. Airi, is one of those special characters that gives Satoru hope. Satoru asks Airi how she can believe in him. She replies, "It isn't that I "can." I want to believe in you for my own sake. It's the flip side to someone saying, "please believe me." In other words, its almost like blind faith, a character trait I find particularly interesting.

To capture this, I have set the scene in sunset. The day is just about over and soon the world will be masked in darkness. This represents Satoru giving up on his hopes. Airi is pictured reaching out to Satoru. Looking as if she is an angel, Airi is "picking"Satoru off of his feet and showing him there is still hope. The Japanese text reads, "Blind Faith" as it represents Airi's character. Below that reads, "Erased/Deleted" the name of the show and main theme for the events that occur in the series.

This Series has incredible story telling. I recommend that you watch this anime or read the manga to understand more of the weight that each character possesses.

Size: 5x3

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