Limited 11 X 14 Metal Print

Individually numbered and Signed by Alex Stoops

This Illustration was inspired by the one and only Alexi (Noriyaro), known for his Japanese Car Culture videos and streams on both YouTube and Twitch. 

The idea comes from his R32 Drift Missile that has appropriately been named, the "Beer Can". The story goes that a friend of his designed the Asahi Logo to say Alexi. They slapped it on his car because it resembled a crushed Asahi beer can. So with that in mind, and the fans talking about a possible Beer Can Chan, I eventually found the time to design my version of what she would look like.

Beer Can Chan has a ton of references to Alexi and the Asahi Beer. Her outfit uses the colors of the beer can and bottle. She is wearing a hoodie in the same pattern as Alexi's jumpsuit. She has his red drivers gloves on her legs and is wearing the same shoes as Alexi. Around her you will see an American Coffee can that is often found in his videos as well as a little ghost/octopus sponge which is a reference I don't expect anyone to get haha. Her hair is a faded yellow to white, much like the color of the beer when poured into a glass. And to finish it off, she is sitting on some use drift tires.

This was originally a gift for Alexi to say thank you for the work he does, but because of the demand, you guys made this happen. I hope you enjoy!

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