As a long time fan of Noriyaro, the Youtube personality behind the popular Japanese Car Culture videos, I wanted to design for him his very own "Beer Can Chan".

If you don't know Alexi aka Noriyaro, then let me explain what the beer can is. Alexi owns a R32 Skyline in silver. Over the years it became pretty beat up and he mainly uses it as a practice car. His friends gave it the name "beer can" because of the local Asahi brewery and how his car started to resemble a crushed up car. And now with the doors saying "Alexi Drift" in the Asahi font, it became widely know as the beer can.

In the community Alexi has grown, there are a lot of anime fans wanting to see a "Beer Can Chan." So here you have it! This is what I believe his drift missile would look like if it were an anime girl!

Size: 3.5in x 3.8in

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