In my designs I like to capture a moment. If possible, tell a story.

No Game No Life is an Anime I wish lasted longer than it did. It had great design regardless of being caught for tracing in its promotional work. The story and its content was rich with personality and color. It was fun and exciting, weird and insane. I knew after watching just the first few episodes I had to make a design to showcase this anime and its characters. I chose to design Shiro, the sister of the Hero duo. Her cute and innocent design and personality made it a must.

Shiro is a quiet girl who cannot be separated from her brother. That characteristic makes Shiro an accidentally hilarious personality. She wants the best for her brother but becomes distraught when he starts having feelings for another girl. Thus the name of this decal, “Am I Enough” comes in as Shiro thinks all her brother needs in life is her.

Expect more designs of this chibi style and anime in the future!

Size: 5.5x3.7

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