Hello, I'm Alex Stoops, owner of StrayVanity. I began this business back on April 29th, 2016 with the idea of sharing my love of anime and manga with the world. For a while I had been interested in this form of media but never was very comfortable sharing it with others. I thought it weird to be a 23 year old guy who watches "cartoon shows" often about girls. So instead of continually worrying about what people thought about my hobbies, I embraced it and came to love the people I met because of it. So, like many things, I wanted to create something myself for those that felt like I did. Thus was the start of StrayVanity. Stray means to do something off the beaten path, be abnormal, do something different. While Vanity means to dress up and look the part much like you would do using an actual vanity. When I think of the brand like that, it makes me happy to know that just because I may not be doing something popular, I can still make something great out of it.

Email- strayvanity.us@gmail.com

Instagram- stoopsydaisy

Facebook- www.facebook.com/alex.stoops.5