Its that time of year again! Thank you for such a lovely year. While I did not make as many new designs or products as I had in the past, I had a really great time working on Itasha projects all year round! But onto the giveaway!

This year I am going back to my Airsoft roots. If you dont know, before all this I used to upload semi popular videos on youtube of mainly me and my team playing airsoft at SC Viper. If you are curious, go check out TheStoopsMan on youtube!The idea originally sparked when I began playing Girls Frontline. While I wouldnt say its the most entertaining game, it has some of the best character illustrations I have ever seen. I have fallen in love with so many of the characters that I am sure there will be more giveaways like this in the future. Hint. Hint. For this first "Itasha Style" aisoft gun, we have the M870.This Airsoft M870 is made by APS. It is actually the most accurate functioning airsoft shotgun which means it is often used in law enforcement training. The APS M870 is a gas powered pump action shotgun. This means you actually will have airsoft shotgun shells that you will need to load with BB's before loading each shell into the gun. The pump action is incredibly fun on its own but once you get the shells involved, those suckers go flying out of the chamber. The winner of this airsoft shotgun will receive everything they need to operate the airsoft gun except for the compressed air. I can not ship compressed air as I do not carry that license. So you as the winner will need to go to a Walmart or Big 5 to purchase a CO2 canister. What is included with the airsoft shotgun is the following: CO2 Adapter, spare Cups and Toppers (for the shotgun shells), x6 Shotgun Shells, BB's and a red rail attachment for the front of the barrel. The Shotgun will ship free of charge with the Orange flash hider installed on the front of the barrel.To enter the giveaway, all you need to do is purchase a single product from this website that has the "Airsoft Shotgun Giveaway" stamp on it. The more products you buy, the more chances you have to win the airsoft shotgun! You will also notice products like the T-Shirt and Hoodie have a "x4 or x7" next to that stamp. This means, because you are spending more money, you will receive that many more entries. You can follow us on Instagram @StrayVanity for giveaway announcements, if you dont follow us, that is okay. The winner will also receive an email regarding the giveaway.

Best of luck to everyone participating!