Limited 11 X 14 Metal Print

Individually numbered and Signed by Alex Stoops

Kirin Chan is here! After drawing my Asahi Beer Can Chan for Noriyaro, my good friend Mark (@harmonic-enigma on instagram) recommended that the next girl I draw should be inspired by his favorite beer, Kirin Ichiban. I never intended to make a series of original character based off Beer, but these have been some incredible projects to take on that really help me stretch my legs.

I wanted Kirin Chan's design to feel like something of temptation or an invitation. I would say its subtle for most, but for me she is tempting you with her body and some drinks to open up and share a story or two. I wanted her to look cute and welcoming but also have a bit of an edge about her. This is why we have the horns, revealing outfit, and a tattoo which is something I've never done for a character until now. I hope you enjoy her design and the refreshing taste of Kirin Beer!

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