In my designs I like to capture a moment. If possible, tell a story.

Shimakaze has been one of those characters that always draws attention no matter what. I cant seem to find a person who doesn't like Ship Girls. So easily the name "Dont Run From Me" came to me but to explain where this design comes from and its name, I need to tell a little story.

This year for Anime Expo I wanted to do a little something special for the attendees and friends I would see and meet for the first time. So I decided to take a design I was previously working on for an itasha, and re-purposed it for an exclusive Anime Expo themed decal. Those who follow me on instagram (StoopsyDaisy) know exactly the design I'm talking about. I only printed 100 of them and they were gone day one. I could not believe I had handed all of them out that quickly. They were so sought after that I had people messaging me all day asking where I was so they could find me and grab one before they were all gone. Of course because I had booths and panels to see, I was all over the place and one friend in particular said, "Dont run from me!" Ill never forget how hard I laughed and in the end he found me and got one.

So because of the popularity of that design and the story behind it, I brought it to slap form for all of you who couldn't meet me at AX or couldn't make it to the convention. I hope this makes up a little bit however the AX Shimakaze decals will forever be exclusives as I will not be printing them again.

Size: 6.5x 8.5

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