In my designs I like to capture a moment. If possible, tell a story.

Shelter is a short animated film by Porter Robinson, Madeon, A-1 Pictures and Crunchyroll based around the song Shelter. The song had come out earlier this year and was a hit. Shelter tells a story of a girl (Rin) who is living alone in a virtual world in which she can create and explore. She has been placed in this world by her father in the time tragic events are occurring on earth. The animation tells a beautiful story of her memories and reason for being.


I really wanted to showcase what this animation means as well as how it relates to me as creator. On the back we have Rin displayed grasping her tablet, the device that allows her to create her own world. Behind her is a sphere (her home planet) which has been broken apart to subtly show what is no longer there. Around that is the lyric, "She depends on you" as Rin depends on her Father for her safety leaving that planet. Below that is the Japanese "ずっと見守ってくれよね" which means "You'll be watching over us." This was meant mainly to refer to my family and their support towards my new adventures. On the sleeve is the Japanese "信じて" which means "Trust in me" again relating to my family and as well as all of you guys. If it were not for those who trusted in me, I would not be where I am, creating the things I always wanted to make. Lastly on the front is the logo "StrayVanity" although instead of the flower surrounding the text, there is now the Japanese character "夢"for "dream". And instead of the Japanese saying StrayVanity again, I replaced it with "僕は一人じゃない" which means "I am not alone." The idea is that StrayVanity was a dream of mine that I did not realize would become reality. And in doing so I realized I am not alone in my work or passion. I am surrounded by amazing and talented people that I wish to grow further with. This was very much a passion project of mine and I hope you all enjoy it.


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