42in. x 28in.

In celebration of the first official StrayVanity "Hero" Itasha, Stray and Vanity have their own Wall Scrolls! Wether you like the snooty attitude of Stray or the sweet nature of Vanity, we have both girls excited to root for you in their 2018 Race Queen outfits.

The Wall Scroll features Stray or Vanity printed to the same scale as on the real world Itasha. There is a large #7 next to the girls, the same number of the racing placard seen on the Itasha. The Japanese at the top says "Cheer up! Love Girls" with a little thank you to the fans message below it. At the bottom, depending on your favorite girl, that side of the itasha is illustrated with that girl's racing logo. All of this is printed on a soft but firm fabric for the best quality print I can provide you.


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