In my designs I like to capture a moment. If possible, tell a story.

No Game No Life is an Anime I wish lasted longer than it did. It had great design regardless of being caught for tracing in its promotional work. The story and its content was rich with personality and color. It was fun and exciting, weird and insane. I knew after watching just the first few episodes I had to make a design to showcase this anime and its characters. I chose to design Jibril, a fantastically fun character we come across about mid way through the series. Her lack of understanding of what is appropriate and what is not makes her so much fun to watch and I couldn't pass her up on such a great character design.

Jibril is fascinated with knowledge. We first encounter Jibril in her own library where she is challenged to a game where she could lose it all. The only reason why she accepts is because she is offered even more books then she could imagine all on a single tablet. With this in mind and her tendency to be seductive, I designed her in a somewhat sexy pose. She is also holding a book and is saying "Let's Study" which can be taken however way you want.

(this size scales exactly with my Shiro design)

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